What is a turnkey solution and why does Interius offer one?
A turnkey solution means that the product you purchase will be ready to use immediately. There will not be any missing pieces, parts, or extra steps required. At Interius we are dedicated to providing you the most efficient, hassle free experience possible.
Those looking to upgrade to digital will find that many companies offer only part of the set-up required for a digital radiology system. At Interius we are dedicated to providing one-stop shop services that will meet all your radiology department needs.

What is included in the turnkey solution?
Interius’ turnkey solution includes three very important components that any medical facility offering radiology services will need in order to be truly efficient:

  1. Digital Equipment: if you are still taking traditional x-rays that need to be developed in chemical solutions, you will need to implement a Computed Radiology (CR) system. A CR uses cassettes instead of film to take the x-ray on and then scans the image on the cassette to a computer where a digitized version of the x-ray is shown. The use of a CR does NOT require the purchase of a new x-ray machine. Digital ultrasounds are also available. We provide very attractive pricing for our digital equipment. See our products page for more details.

  2. A Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS): many facilities invest in digital equipment but then do not have the resources to effectively utilize the digital images they obtain. A PACS system allows for the organization, viewing, reporting, and filing of digital images. A web-based PACS provides access to digital images over a secure Internet connection. Interius will provide you with a hospital grade, web-based, HIPPA compliant, PACS completely free of charge when you contract our radiologists to read your reports.

  3. Board Certified Radiologists: we know how important it is for our clients to be able to rely on the radiologists who provide them with reports. That’s why only Board Certified and subspecialty trained radiologists will interpret studies and they are always available.

How and when do I access my images?
Physicians will have 24/7 image and report access through the PACS on any internet enabled device.

How long does it take to get a report?
Routine reports are provided in less than 24 hours and we also provide emergency STAT reports within 1 hour at no additional charge.

How do I store my digital images?
At Interius we provide long-term storage of all studies and reports complete with disaster recovery for up to 5 years free of charge. (This enables our radiologists to compare with prior studies when issuing a report and allows our clients to comply with Medicare storage regulations.)